Choosing a management company for your property or condominium can be a difficult choice. Astoria is committed to every property and condominium we manage; we truly care about their success. No matter the size of the property or the magnitude of the issue, our commitment is to act and/or council in the best interest of our clients.

We believe in the proper way, not the easy way. By doing our due diligence, we provide valuable insight for the Boards and Owners to facilitate fast and effective decision making. Astoria is not a "yes" company; we provide council and direction utilizing a "best practices" approach to ensure board members are properly informed with regards to industry related standards and practices.


At Astoria, we still believe that customer service begins with customer contact. When you call our office, you speak to a real person! We maintain an on-call program which ensures that any emergency situation will be dealt with immediately. And, our Property Managers receive ongoing training in areas of email etiquette, conflict management, and overall business communications. Our mandate is to maintain professionalism no matter what the tone of the situation might be.


Astoria does not follow the leaders; we lead the followers. We take very seriously our obligation to represent our clients and conduct our business with the upmost of accuracy and integrity.


Astoria's Property Managers each have diversified skill sets allowing us to create dedicated portfolios of similar property profiles. Internally, Astoria PMs regularly exchange information regarding: updates on market trends and changes, problem solving and resources, and community matters that may impact our clients. Externally, we support all training focused on industry standards and requirements through both RECA and CCI curriculums.


Vendors: Astoria hires local contractors for our on-site work as much as possible. We have a reputation for developing long term mutually beneficial relationships with both the business owners and their employees.

Clients: Astoria's rate of retention on management contract renewals is better than 95% to date. We strive every day to ensure that all of our customers have an outstanding service experience. Customer satisfaction is our #1 business referral program.


Astoria offers:

  • Detailed financial reporting compliant to both GAAP and RECA standards
  • Accounts Receivable/Collections processes to deal with errant payments professionally and without conflict
  • Timely and accurate vendor payments
  • Electronic banking solutions
  • Investment portfolio management and recommendations
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